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Welcome to the new home of rymes with orange

Saturday November 25th, 2017: "It's a Brand New Day"

rymes with orange are happy to be back with this new site, and to announce their return to making music together, for the first time in 15 years... 20+ since the '95 - '96 lineup of; Lyndon Johnson, Rob Lulic, Niko Quintal, Nelson Sinclair, Kevin Spencer and Steeve Hennessy.

Lyndon Johnson says; "We're happy to tell you, we're working on some new ideas."

They're upcoming fifth album; RWO5 is scheduled for release in 2018.

Formed in 1992, from Vancouver Canada, this independent alternative rock band has released four albums to date; Peel (1992), Trapped in the Machine (1994), Crash (1999) and One More Mile (2003).

All RWO albums are soon to be available on iTunes and CD. And for the first time ever, limited releases on Vinyl, 8Track Tapes and Cassettes.

The new album; RWO5 will be available on Vinyl for a limited time.

Over their career, they've reached three Top 10 singles on Canadian Rock Radio, with sales over 70,000 units worldwide, and have toured Canada, New Zealand, U.S. and the U.K.